Thursday, May 16, 2013

Books on Sale! Great Father's Day Gift!

Friends, family and loyal readers, the delivery has lived up to the much-awaited anticipation - both books are in-hand, signed, and ready for shipping out.

49 Trout Streams of Southern Colorado is a classy, full-color pictorial survey of some of our favorite streams in the Centennial State. It's a destination guide of southern Colorado like no other. With all-original color photography (thanks Dr. Zeig for your help on South Platte), approx 250-400 word write-ups and fly suggestions for each stream, plus a map and directions to each, 49 Trout Streams gives readers 49 great reasons to call in sick. 

Use it as your go-to guidebook, as a supplement to your favorite, or just leave on the coffee table for friends, family or patrons at your place of business to thumb through. 

 Laura fishing the South Fk. of the South Platte River. (Front cover) 

Example chapter on Osier Creek, CO.

Introduction to Fly Fishing for Trout is a witty, easy-to-ready, "how-to" primer on fly fishing for that species we love most -- TROUT. We've been fishing for a long time. And, we'd been teachers for much of our adult lives. We figured, why not put the two skills together and put out the coolest how-to fly fishing book ever

We believed most fishing how-to's were just okay, but every one seemed either bogged down in minutia and repetition, or lacked in one or more areas and just didn't feel complete. 

Our strategy is unique: we teach you a simple, one-handed cast a newbie can manage, get you reading water and catching fish on day one, and once you're hooked, you keep reading and keep learning the skills you need at your own pace. 

With full-color sequence photos on technique, lists of suggested quality gear, and logically broken-down chapters and tactics so you progress through the sport at your own speed, Introduction to Fly Fishing for Trout is the funniest, most comprehensive and visually-striking fly fishing how-to on the market. 

Example of what you'll find inside!

ORDER your signed copies of either book today, or give them as timely Father's Day gifts for $35 each, + shipping. (Shipping media mail is approx $2.50 per book). 

Or, ORDER a package deal and get a signed copy of each book shipped to you for only $65. FREE SHIPPING. (I know, that sounded like a cheesy infomercial, huh? Disregard the cheese and focus on the wicked deal that is!) 

The Cheesy Infomercial "Package Deal" - 2 for $65!

To ORDER, please call me anytime @ (806) 220-8131, or email

Thank you for your continued interest and support!

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