Sunday, May 12, 2013

Book-signing went well!

Williams and I once again set up camp in the local B&N and sold somewhere around 35-45 units on Saturday. I wanted to personally thank Guy and Brenda Wilkins for showing their support and hospitality. (Steaks were great, bro!)

Also a shout out goes to my mom's friends, Duane, and Caroline. Thank you guys for coming. As for Joie, I can't believe you didn't come by when you came it. Sorry I had to leave before we could chat.

Both books moved well as we'd hoped. (I can only think of one person who approached before Williams was there and didn't buy a book. Many bought both. And one dude bought 6!

49 TROUT STREAMS OF SOUTHERN COLORADO faired better than INTRODUCTION TO FLY FISHING FOR TROUT, but my personal opinion is over the long haul INTRO will ultimately sell more. Both are incredibly cool reads, but INTRO will appeal to a much broader market, and over a longer period of time.

49 is one of those things that is easy to like. The pictures are so many and so dramatic that it takes quite a while just to scan the thing.

We're very proud of how the event turned out -- we'll get a finally tally sometime this week, I'm sure. I'll post that here once we know, but you can't go wrong selling 40+ books per hour in a town that has no trout within 200+ miles and barely a drop of water to speak of.

Next event -- Backpacking into Cruces Basin with Wes and Guy. Can't wait. (Hope my feet hold up. Been rather painful for the past 3 weeks... postponing surgery on them until I have a couple months of slower work.)

Ciao for niao!


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