Wednesday, June 19, 2013

$0.39 Flies & Great Customer Service - FISHING FLY BOX

I wanted to thank and plug a company for all you Trout-Heads who are sick and tired of buying $2 and $3 flies every time you go fishing! REMEDY: FISHING FLY BOX.

If you haven't already discovered, you can thank me later with a gratuitous box of flies from their growing assortments and selections. I found them simply by surfing around looking for a good deal in preparation for my backpacking trip to Cruces Basin Wilderness in late June. I saw $0.39 flies and thought, "Hell, I'm in!"

I placed my order online through their user-friendly interface which shows their insect categories, flies in each category, and other available gear. (Since they sell my favorite flybox by Morell, I grabbed one of those too.)

After about a week, I wondered where my flies were. So, I typed a friendly email using their website, and within 12 hours I had a reply from Milton Wright.

Problem was, since it's high fishing season, many of their flies are on backorder and unavailable. I replied that I was leaving for a fishing trip and really needed/wanted those flies. Doing the right thing, Mr. Wright (no pun intended) did the right thing and sent the flies out to me asap that were available, and offered to send the backordered ones to me once they arrived.

I leave for the wilderness tomorrow a happy man! Thank you, Mr. Wright!

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