Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Writing isn't always so damn cool...

I have been far too busy writing and gathering photos for the next "Mac and Mark" book;  49 Trout Streams of Southern Colorado with University of New Mexico Press. It'll be more of a coffee table pictorial than our previously published destination guide... full-color photos on every page, and only 150 words to write for each of the 49 streams. It's going to sell like hot bread. But it isn't all that fun to write.

I challenge any one of you to write up one of your favorite places in the world in only 150 words and do the place justice at the same time. Plus the directions need to be included in that 150 words, so really we get 100 words or less to describe a killer stream, all of it's unique characteristics, insect info, terrain, flies that work well there, and make each stream seem one of a kind, ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

Here is one of those pieces:

Willow Creek 

West of the Collegiate Peaks, beginning simply as several trickles of water converging near the wee town of Tincup, Willow Creek abruptly forms into one of Taylor Park’s unsung fisheries. A gold miner named Jim Taylor (for whom many area landmarks are named) harvested gold nuggets from Willow Creek in a tin cup, spurring a short-lived rush and bringing notoriety to the region.  

Today Taylor Reservoir’s tailwater brings the valley its notoriety. But when anglers tire of world-class fishing for huge trout, the quiet and numerous bendpools, beaverponds and cutbanks of Willow Creek come as quiet relief. Williams and I adored it so much, we chose a picture of Willow Creek for the cover of another of our books.

From Almont, travel north on FR 742 along the famed Taylor River until the road hooks right just past the Taylor Park Trading Post, crossing over Willow Creek and skirting it for several miles.

See what I mean... nothing funny, dark, literary, or profound. Just 150 banged out words doing their damnedest to do what the pictures in the book will hopefully do without the words. Writing isn't always so damn cool.

You would probably like to see a few pics of Willow Creek, wouldn't you? Well, here they are.

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